Partnership Updates

As of Monday, October 29, all accounts have been moved to Choice Bank systems. We are excited to introduce new and innovative ways to help you manage your business, and look forward to continuing to grow together. Below you will find information and resources about your products and resources, and what you need to know.

Account Integration Resource Guide

Over the weekend of October 26, 2018, an internal system integration took place. This guide provides highlights and important information regarding what to expect.

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Business Online Banking User Guide

Information about how to login, set-up your dashboard, preview account information, and add new users, is all available in the Business Online Banking User Guide.

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Business Online Banking Highlights

If you are a business using our online banking and cash management tools – check out these exciting updates!

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ACH Alert & Check Verify

If you are a user of ACH Alert & Check Verify, you will find information regarding IMPORTANT ACTION you need to take on October 26th, October 29th and October 30th.

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Primary Administrator & User Guide

If this is your first time logging in to the new online banking platform, the Primary Administrator & User Guide is a quick resource for getting things setup.

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Bill Pay Highlights

You now have access to a new Bill Pay platform through Online Banking! Below you will find information regarding what you need to know about the bill pay transition and what to do on or after Monday, October 29, 2018.

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ACH Origination

The following covers information ACH Origination and what’s new, what’s changing and actions you can take to prepare for the change.

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